Table Mountain Hike

Table Mountain

Would you like to see Cape Town’s most iconic mountain? Table Mountain, also known in local language as Tafelburg (Table Mountain), is a symbol of South African pride and joy for the country. This flat mountain is a large national park, spanning many hundreds of kilometers. The height 1km above sea level makes Table Mountain a towering beauty. This mountain-top is best to do with a guide; our professional guide will assist you to hike Table Mountain in record time for early morning, afternoon or sunset. Want something special for Table Mountain? Catch us on a guided hike for early sunrise and make it to the top of Table Mountain for snacks and drinks, waiting for you on the way down to the Cable Car. Table Mountain is an experience worth waiting for, if looking for a different type of scenery, take a hike – it’s rewarding.

Why you should take a Table Mountain tour

Table Mountain is the flat-topped mountain with excellent day trips! Why you should take a Table Mountain tour is because you will want to see the most in the shortest time. The journey of Table Mountain is a guided hike that takes you on the road to the top of the flat mountain. With views from Table Mountain looking over the view, we see the most fantastic set of photographs from on high. These are views that you can only see while on a Table Mountain tour because we know the different routes and places to shoot.

Table Mountain one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

Table Mountain has even been proclaimed to be part of the national park, spanning many hundreds of kilometers. The national park which is also part of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. This world heritage site maintains a status of being one of the most well-known mountains in the world. Being part of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, Table Mountain enjoys some benefits including:

  • Limited building
  • No Littering
  • Protected status

Why you should visit Table Mountain

Table Mountain is by far the most highly rated tourist attraction in Cape Town. With this, we see that Table Mountain has it’s a share of tourist spots for sightseeing. The Aerial Cableway offers the shortest ride up to the top of Table Mountain via the funicular. This 3-5 minute ride is exhilarating, get a Cableway ticket by doing it online or even better, hiking Table Mountain, then doing the Cablecar down again with us. These two distinct ways are best because we offer free Table Mountain Aerial Cableway tickets, included in hike cost.

Other reasons to visit Table Mountain

  • Views
  • Nature
  • Sight-Seeing
  • Hiking
  • Bird Watching
  • Flaura and Fauna
  • Photography
  • Abseiling
  • Just because (it’s there)

Table Top Mountain

What to see, do and view on top of South Africa’s most famous mountaintop.

Table Top mountain

Table Top mountain, a.k.a. Table Mountain, is a flat-topped mountain found at the heart of the Mother City, Cape Town. The flat top appearance is credited to the Table Top Mountain’s granite, sandstone and other rock type formations. The Table Top is a flat section of Table Mountain National Park, spanning a distance of around 3km. On top you will see Table Top Mountain has a wide appearance and also the Aerial Cableway, allowing visitors to view the top of the mountain with minimal effort. What is better, is to see the Table Top mountain from above by taking a guided hiking tour. We offer this service, and you should book through us!

Images of the Table Top’s flat top

Where you can find the Table Top mountain

The Table Top mountain is so big, that’s why you can ask the question of where you can see the Table Top mountain. Frankly, it’s easy to visit the Table Top mountain from almost anywhere in Cape Town central. The areas near the Table Top mountain are so close in proximity to the flat-topped mountain that it’s easy to drive or even to walk there. The most amazing thing from the beginning of your journey in Cape Town but remember the Table Top mountain is so big that you would need a map to get started (or a guide). We offer map-free guided hiking services on the Table Top mountain in Cape Town, making your way to the summit with ease.

Why you should visit Table Top Mountain

The Table Top is a mountain at the heart of Cape Town city, and there are many reasons why you should visit. Table Top Mountain is one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. That means the Table Top Mountain is there to see for all people from all over the world. Many see this as a spiritual place on earth with heartwarming views.

Things to see on the Table Top Mountain

• Birds

• Nature

• Scenery

• Views

• Hiking trails

• Cableway

• Restaurant

• Photography

Table Top mountain tours

The flat-topped mountain is impressive for a full or half day of hiking tours. The fact that the Table Top mountain has almost 100 different routes makes it easy to choose a path up that has some of another form of joy for your tastes. To book a tour, we recommend visiting our contact us page which will share some valuable insight into the different Table Top hiking routes.

Book a Table Mountain tour

Table Mountain hike, Cable Car & Guided Tour

Overview of Table Mountain Hike Discover one of the most beautiful sites in the world on this fantastic 3-hour tour

Taking a Table Mountain tour is readily available to participants on all of the guided hikes. Click here to use the web form to book.

When is the correct time to book a hike on Table Mountain?

All year round, Table Mountain is accessible for hiking on the trails. These trails on Table Mountain make for excellent tours! The bookings for these tours can be made on this website and are generally the safest way to summit Table Mountain National Park. Once booked, a guide will get in touch with you to confirm your hike time. There is no limit to how much time before the hike you can book, so whether you are looking to hike tomorrow with a last minute booking or next year, we will treat you the same. It means that we will ask you a few questions to get the best service possible for your hike. India Venster, Platteklip Gorge and Skeleton Gorge are some of the services we offer for guided Table Mountain hikes. That’s the best we do, we love our jobs and are keen to share that passion with you. Click here to book your Table Mountain tour

Table Mountain Hike

Ever wonder what the pro’s do for morning exercise or even the local who knows little about the mountains and wants to enjoy its beauty? Table Mountain hike is suitable for all people who want to see the majestic mountains of Cape Town with minimal travel time. The 3-hour hike is situated within 20 minutes of the city, making it perfect for hiking. Suitable for families and dogs, Table Mountain hike preferably done with a guide because of the many paths to navigate up the flat top mountain successfully


Table Mountain hiking trails

The national park of Table Mountain offers a wide variety of hiking trails.

What are some of the Table Mountain hiking trails?

Table Mountain offers its a vast share of hiking trails, accessible to the general public on tours. We offer the most common routes of hiking trails on Table Mountain, as well as the less popular trails. Sharing some of the expertise of a guide will help you navigate the Table Mountain hiking trail in record time and even expand your knowledge of South Africa. Table Mountain hiking trails are known for their biodiversity and allot of nature, good for anyone to take a break among the trees. Seeing Cape Town in one day is possible with a Table Mountain guided hike on one of our Table Mountain hiking trail tours, with an English speaking guide to help you navigate the trail safely.

Platteklip Gorge – The most common trail hiked up Table Mountain. Usually required a guide to help up the different paths that join up at intersections along the way.

India Venster – Another Table Mountain hiking trail that is part rock climbing, uses hand supports as stable grips to pull yourself up to the rocks.

Skeleton Gorge – One of the more secluded hikes that offer things like waterfalls and a dam view at the top of the mountain with beach sand, caused by the rock formations on top of Table Mountain.

Table Mountain hike routes

Table Mountain offers it’s a fair share of hike routes, we explore a few of these in detail.

What are some of the Table Mountain hike routes?

Table Mountain hike routes are many in number, so many in fact that there are 100 odd routes on the trails of Table Mountain National Park. How to choose between these different routes depends on your hiking preferences and time. This means that someone with less time and experience would be better on the Table Mountains more natural trails, while others may enjoy a more scenic and longer hiking route. There is no right answer; everyone will enjoy their share of Table Mountain hiking routes. The most common trails are accessible to everyone although a guide is highly recommended. Let’s look at the most popular trails that make up Table Mountain hike routes:

Platteklip is an easier Table Mountain hike route

Platteklip is one of the more accessible trails that make up the Table Mountain hike routes. This trail starts at the Lower Aerial Cableway, 1km down the road, where the sign points towards the Table Mountain Platteklip Gorge hiking trail. This trail is easily navigated with a guide and takes approximately 3 hours to summit (some summit sooner). This makes it ideal for the beginner looking to do Table Mountain as a half day hiking trail.

Skeleton Gorge, a less known Table Mountain hiking trail

Skeleton Gorge is one of the less known hiking trails making up Table Mountain National Park. The trails have it’s beginnings at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. The path is longer than other hikes and takes a good 5-6 hours to complete. Table Mountain hike routes that compare to this hike are the 12 Apostles trail and the Cape Point hiking trail in the intensity of the path. There are beautiful waterfalls on this route, and you will enjoy scenic panoramic photos of the Kirstenbosch Gardens side towards Constantia.

India Venster rock climbing Table Mountain hiking route

India Venster is known as the rock climbing route on Table Mountain with large boulders to navigate; it’s a preferred route for enthusiasts looking for a bouldering adventure in the younger ages of the hiker’s spectrum. This doesn’t mean that the trail cannot be completed by anybody, the Table Mountain hiking trail of India Venster is open to anyone, and our tours include this hike too.

Table Mountain tour prices

Included in the Table Mountain tour prices is everything you need to hike the mountain

How much are Table Mountain tour prices?

Table Mountain is a magnificent mountain at the heart of Cape Town. Its sheer size permits travelers to go hiking up Table Mountain, with that in mind let’s explore some of the costs to take a Table Mountain tour with a guide. Firstly you will need to consider that Table Mountain is a half-day hike and therefore supplies are required to refresh and revitalize yourself from the hike. Table Mountain tour prices cover everything else one may need to hike the trail, including Aerial Cableway tickets down the mountain after the day’s hike, is complete. Find the latest Table Mountain tour prices by reviewing the below contact form and filling out your details.



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