Lion’s Head South Africa

The flat top mountain in Cape Town.
Lion’s Head, the mountain in Cape Town is a peak situated on Signal Hill Road, Cape Town. The height of Lions Head as 669 meters above sea level. This mountain provides unobstructed views of the city below from on top of this lion-shaped mountain.

Why not hike up this mountain before dawn, at night or even sunset? There is no reason why locals and tourists can’t enjoy this mountain at any time of day or night. Finding yourself on the trail that surrounds Lions Head South Africa is a possibility with a guided hiking tour. The mountain of Lions Head is a South African wonder, making its name from the lion-shaped appearance of the pinnacle of the mountain top. Underneath the lion is much more to see, the city awaits. Lions Head South Africa is by far the most beautiful mountain with expansive views and a lack of rock formations inhibiting the trail, all in all, makes for excellent hiking.

Lions Head Cape Town

Don’t look too far; you’ll miss the view! Lions Head Cape Town is a mountain at the same place in the Mother City as other favorite mountains including Devils Peak and Table Mountain. These three peaks are part of the Table Mountain National Park and therefore highly prized by the local community of hikers. The third smallest mountain, Lions Head Cape Town is 669 meters and towers slightly under Table Mountain at the height of 1km.

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Lion’s Head mountain.

The Cape Town mountain provides the best views of the city, best hiked for morning, afternoon and sunset. Our company offers guided hiking tours of Lion’s Head for the following times; Sunrise, Morning, Afternoon and Sunset. Please make use of our guided hiking tours service by clicking here.

Why you should visit Lion’s Head

Lion’s Head mountain provides excellent nature views. A surrounding mountainous scenery that takes only 90 minutes to view. That means you’ll be at the top of Lion’s Head in no time. The reason why you should visit Lion’s Head means different things to many different people. Whatever the reason, Lion’s Head has unusual nature for you, photos deluxe and that spark of joy that every person visiting a city would like to see.

Things to see on Lion’s Head

• Bird Watching
• Views of Beaches
• Mountain views
• 360 Degree Panorama
• The best sunrises and sunsets
• Tours for all types of people with us

Lion's Head hike price

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Lion Head – A place for perfect photos

Lion Head, the name of a mountain at the heart of Cape Town, is considered one of the best photo shooting locations in all of Africa! Because the mountain top at 669 meters above sea level provides expansive views of the city and beaches surrounding Cape Town. Find yourself taking part in a guided hike on top of this mountain in time for a golden sunrise or glowing sunset. With a guide to lead the way, we will take you on Lion Head trail for some of the better hikes that require supervision. Lion Head is only one of the mountains in Cape Town; there are so many more.

Lions Head weather

The weather on Lions Head changes rapidly. There is no accurate site for Lions Head weather. Lions Head mountain experiences erratic weather patterns what may change at any point in time. What is more, the weather forecast may be a gauge for how likely you are to experience certain conditions. For example, the weather patterns observed on Lions Head may shift rapidly from cloudy to sunny on any given day, sunny to rainy is less common but plausible. That means the shift in temperature means you may dress according to the worst conditions to forward plan your day.

What are the best seasons for Lion’s Head?

During any season, Lion’s Head attracts a fair amount of hikers from all over the world. The peak season for Lion’s Head mountain in Cape Town is the season of Summer. The time of summer has an increasing amount of travelers coming to South Africa and therefore Cape Town. These travelers use the routes of Cape Town for hiking such as Lion’s Head. At its peak, the path offers attractive views and significant crowds. To get the most out of this Lion’s Head hike, book a tour with us today to experience the off the beaten path trails which do not attract the crowds.

Where is Lion’s Head?

Lion’s Head mountain is at the center of Cape Town. With this in mind keep these things under close watch because the traffic in Cape Town gets crazy at certain times of the year. Lion’s Head, located centrally to Cape Town is a hot spot for a tourist destination.

Lions Head Table Mountain

So which is it Lions Head or Table Mountain?
A comparison between Lions Head Table Mountain
Lions Head is part of Table Mountain, that is why this comparison is short-sighted and needs reviewing Explained better, Lions Head Table Mountain is a joint mountain between the two most well-known peaks that surround Cape Town. There is the Lion’s Head peak, and there is the Table Mountain peak. Both are components of Table Mountain National Park. So next time when someone asks you about Lions Head Table Mountain, tell them there is no such thing and that both mountains are part of the Table Mountain National Park.



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