Lions Head Hike

The hike with the most magnificent views of Cape Town city. The name suggests a Lion shaped mountain, quite so correctly. Lions Head hike is for all ages and participants.

Lion’s Head hike is the most magnificent mountain and provides unhindered 360-degree views of the mother city, but also because during the right time, Lion’s Head hike is the place to be for sunrise over the city or sunset at night setting on the ocean. This hike takes between 60-90 minutes one way, and a guide for safety is recommended. Lighting is accessible to clients on this hike, we take Lion’s Head hike clients regularly, and they always seem to enjoy!

Lions Head hike may very well be the best hike for views in Cape Town. With this hike in mind, keep notes on the various trails that make up Lion’s Head hike. The former routes called The Chains, and Spiral Route are some of the most well-known trails to participants. These two trails make up the main routes up Lion’s Head hike. Below are two photos of the different Lions Head walks.

The Cape Town mountain called Lions Head is home to some of the better-known trails in the Western Cape. These mountain ranges have many names. However, Lions Head hike is a Cape Town trail, located on the Table Mountain National Park. Seeing some of the best views, this trail on tour is our most popular hike. Lions Head, the hiking trail offers far superior looks to the Mother City. These views are the main reason why this hike makes for perfect picture taking of the city. Lions Head hike is far more a beautiful hike than other trails of similar nature, length, and duration, making this trail a good idea for beginners and daily users.
Lion’s Head Chains route
The Lion’s Head hike via the Chains route is the preferred route for those wanting an adventure.

Lions Head hike times

Lions Head hike times to choose
When is the best time to hike Lion’s Head? You may select any time of day or night but these Lions Head hike times are the preferred hours for our tours. Sunrise – A hike for sunrise up Lions Head provides spectacular views while getting an early morning start to the day. This hike time is for early birds only, sometimes starting as early as 5:00 am. Morning hikes on Lion’s Head are a fantastic alternative to sunrise hikes. They enjoy similar views without the hassle of getting up early. Afternoon hikes – Start a bit late and is the choice for those who would like to sleep in, better for many with the option of another full day in Cape Town because we know how time is steep. Sunset hikes are the planned excursion for couples and families, as well as solo travelers who can catch the glowing sunset with a Lion’s Head sunset tour before heading down the mountain for sunset.

Lion’s Head Spiral Route

The route that takes you around Lions Head hike via the alternative way, with the most amazing views.

Lion’s Head hike details

  • • 2-3 hours (roundtrip)
  • • 5.5 km trail distance (both ways)
  • • Best done with a professional guide
  • • Beautiful views and amazing nature
  • • Professional photography on tours

How to start a Lion’s Head Hike

These are the steps to take to complete a successful Lion’s Head hike.

#1 Plan your route on Lions Head Hike

If you’d like to do the Chains route or the Spiral Route with us, then we’d be glad to take you on an adventure or a great day out on the trails. Lion’s Head hike has many different routes.

#2 Choose the time to hike Lions Head

Lions Head hike at different times. Take in the view before dawn or even do the walk for sunset, while we do tours of Lions Head hike as early as 5:00 to catch the sunrise.

#3 Check the Lions Head hike weather

For your hike, remember that the date of your hike needs cross-checking with the weather. That means you will not be disappointed if we do a hike in the clouds or light rain.

Finally, After done, you may book a hike with us at any time. We do Lion’s Head hikes every day, and usually, the views are amazing. We highly recommend booking a tour! Click here to use our online form to book a Lions Head hike.

Places to start Lion’s Head Hike

There are some zones to start Lion’s Head hike. These places range from Kloof Nek Road to Lion’s Head hike parking, Signal Hill Road. The best place to start the Lion’s Head hike depends on which sort of hike you choose to do. There are some different hiking trails up Lion’s Head but none more popular than the route that starts Lion’s Head hike at the standard Lion’s Head parking. That means you will get the best views to start the Lion’s Head hike and by getting the best start, will be more motivated on your hiking route.

Lion’s Head trail

Why Lion’s Head trail the most popular trail for beginners and advanced hikers.
Lion’s Head trail for beginners and advanced hikers
The path of Lion’s Head is a unique trail for many people. The beginning of the trail is a starting point not far off from Signal Hill Road, Cape Town. The trail starts steep with ample time to adjust to the room on either side of the trail; this makes it suitable for more than one person at a time. The beginning of Lion’s Head trail with its scenery is good for locals to see their city and international tourists to view the City of Cape Town from above. Finding the hiking route is easy, Lion’s Head located at the center of Cape Town, it’s trailing snake through the mountains like a wild animal. Lion’s Head trail gets its name from the animal shape appearance of the trail, finding that off in the distance from an angle of about 90 degrees, the crouching lion appearance takes shape. Advanced hikers will know that this trail is one of the more scenic routes in Cape Town offering the user amazing views from the trail.

Lions Head trail map

Climbing the mountain with a Lions Head trail map.
A source of Lions Head trail map
What is a good source of Lions Head trail map? Providing most of the available information is limited. A good source of Lions Head trail map, is the photos available on the web, offering key details on turning points of the trail. Lion’s Head trail without a plan is not suggested, using a map will help you navigate the path. We offer one such form of Lions Head trail maps right here on the web. Take a look below at some of the trails of Lions Head.

Lions Head walk

There is a walk in Cape Town that surpasses all others.

Where to find Lions Head walk. Lion’s Head, a mountain in Cape Town is home to some of South Africa’s and Cape Town’s best views. Hop on a bus or taxi and head over to Lion’s Head walk in Cape Town, where you will begin the trail on Signal Hill Road by meeting your Lion’s Head walk and talk guide. Getting a better time on the mountain is easy, starting when the time is right for you and making your way to on top of the hill in time for a sunrise, morning or afternoon sunset. Transport included, snacks and drinks with your expert guide, Lion’s Head walk is preferred by locals in Cape Town

Lions Head hike distance

Lion’s Head hike distance is a round trip calculated at approximately 5.5km both ways. How much is the Lions head hike distance?
Lion’s Head is a 5.5km hiking trail, the distance calculated by measuring the starting point of the trail, around the top and back to the starting point of the trail. Approximately 2.25km up Lions Head and the same amount of distance down the mountain. The range to hiking Lion’s Head varies substantially based on the route taken to hike the mountain. So, if someone were to make a longer trail, the resulting distance could change more. Usually, we count the path to be 5.5km on the regular Chains route and about 5 minutes longer on the Spiral route, although not much more. There are other routes on Lion’s Head that affect the way Lion’s Head hike distance is measured. Mainly, this is the Kloof Nek route and the Camps Bay drive route starting further down the trail, these two routes aren’t familiar, leaving most people to venture onto the 5.5km starting point route.

Hike up Lions Head

These safety tips will help you hike up Lions Head and navigate the trail. We find the best places to hike up Lions Head for all occasions.

When is the best time to hike up Lions Head? One may ask this question and many more to deal with mountain safety, adhering to the guidelines which help you navigate the trail. A hike up Lions Head is perfect for the beginner and advanced hiker where lack of guidance exists for more advanced trails. The path of Lion’s Head may be walked up at any time of day giving spectacular views of the City of Cape Town and surrounds. With a guide, make your way to the top of Lions Head hike and get up to the breaking viewing point over Cape Town.

Three reasons to hike up Lions Head any time of day or night

Lion’s Head mountain is the perfect solution to a part day hike in Cape Town. The hike up Lion’s Head takes place four times a day with our guided hiking tours, making this hike suitable for all occasions. Day hikes are hikes during the morning and afternoon hours during and before sunlight. Night time hikes are the opposite of day hikes, starting any time between dusk and the early hours of the morning. Lions Head full moon hike, for example, is a hike during the hours of the night once a month. Whatever the occasion, we list three reasons to hike up Lions Head any time of day or night.

Reason number one to hike up Lions Head

The hike up Lion’s head is fun in a group! Join us on tour with a group to experience the best Lions Head hike yet. Hike up Lions Head at any time of day with us on trekking in four different options, sunrise, morning, afternoon and sunset. See the world in a whole different light from on top of a Lions Head hike. Upon the mountain, Lion’s Head seems like a different world from above. Groups provide safety, and a walk up Lions Head motivates you by doing so in a small or large group tour.

Reason number two to hike up Lions Head

Better than groups for some, a private tour in Cape Town of Lion’s Head provides excellent views without the added pressure of keeping up with the group. People who may prefer to hike up Lions Head in a private tour and not a group are couples and solo travelers wanting a bit of extra attention. We offer this service on request to single travelers who also rate our service highly in either a private tour or as part of a group hiking up Lions Head.

Reason number three to hike up Lions Head

Hike up Lion’s Head in a tour during daylight or night time for safety. Better to go on a trip than to go alone because of the reported safety issues on Lions Head. Getting a better insight on mountain safety that will help your hike up Lions Head to be a memorable experience, finding the time to enjoy the smaller things such as taking photos and sipping on your bottle of water while overviewing the city below the mountains.

Climbing Lions Head

Why climbing Lions Head is a good idea, and why you should.
Climbing Lions Head is for the many, not the few
Climbing the mountain of Lions Head in Cape Town is for the many attracted to the idea of scaling a mountaintop with pristine views. The enjoyable 2-3 hour hike, best when the need for nature drives you to the limits of the city, where the national park begins. Lion’s Head is on the periphery of the mountains surrounding Cape Town, making it suitable for climbing within a short distance of work or home. Guides are usually preferred when climbing Lions Head due to the sharp ledges surrounding either side of the mountain; a guide will go a long way regarding mountain safety.

Lions Head hike price

Find the latest schedule of Lions Head hike prices online. The Lion’s Head hike price covers most everything you need while walking up this lion-shaped mountain.
The Lions Head hike price (updated 2018-19)

Lion's Head hike price

Lions Head Hike & The Twelve Apostles Viewing

Discover the Cape Town on a 3-hour Lions Head hike, the Twelve Apostles viewing point, and the Robben Island over-looking

Dear clients of Lions Head hike, we are proud to announce these specials to you brought to you on popular demand. These hikes are highly sought after by locals and internationals, making your way up to the top of the mountain for picture taking and pristine views not seen anywhere else in Cape Town! Get your chance to view the mountain from above while on a half day tour with a qualified guide to lead the way with mountain safety.

What is included in the Lion’s Head hike price?

While everything is included in the Lion’s Head hike price, there are some things not covered while hiking up this lion-shaped mountain. You will require your clothing for the hike and to dress appropriately for the weather conditions on the mountain, with that covered you are set to embark on a journey of a lifetime. This mountain is not expensive to hike and offered some of the best views in Cape Town, while the rating of this hike is a modest intensity. The Lion’s Head hike price DOES include snacks, refreshments, and hot drinks as well as transport in Cape Town. With your local guide, make your way up Lion’s Head in time for a picture-perfect sunrise, morning, afternoon and sunset. All costs included, you will receive professional photography on the hike from your guide.

How to book a Lion’s Head tour


Our friendly team of Lion’s Head experts is here to help! We choose to hike in groups for safety and enjoyment. You should find us on the web as you have already done and booked a Lion’s Head hiking tour. 🙂 The cost of the hikes along with the times can be found at the link below. If there is a reason for confusion or you’d just like to get in touch.

Booking a Lion’s Head tour in Cape Town is easy! We have a wide selection of relatively easy to hard routes. When selecting your hike, we will choose the easiest route for yours, unless you’re up for a challenge. To book your Lion’s Head tour, it’s a simple form. Once this form has been filled out, a representative will get in contact with you about your Lion’s Head hike and the day. Please remember to bring something warm and all else on Lion’s Head tours are provided by the tour agency.


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